Tell me what EU want, what you really, really want

I’ll tell you what I want, what I really really want. A referendum gives the people the option to have the final say in political matters of the utmost importance. And that’s what we ALL want, right? Well, the story of Brexit tells us that despite their relative simplicity, referendums can be a very tricky business. Harpa, Alex and Victor ponder the pros and cons of this direct form of democracy and showcase how they can pull one nation from the brink of bankruptcy while threatening to push another one over the edge. Saying yes or no has never been this complicated.


David Cameron’s Speech After ‘Brexit’ vote – The New York Times.  
Non! Nein! No! A Country That Wouldn’t Let Women Vote Till 1971 – National Geographic.
The Icesave referendum – The Economist.
This is how Switzerland’s direct democracy works – World Economic Forum.
European Parliament’s study on referendums on EU matters.
Fraser Cameron on ‘Why we should ban referenda on EU policies’ – Euractiv.


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